Friday, January 8, 2010

45 King @ Grand Groove

Few hip-hop producers can claim the royal resume of this gentleman. The Jersey-based beatsith initially made his name during hip-hop's classic era as the producer of Queen Latifah's early hits, as well as rap's most instantly recognizable party instrumental, "The 900 Number." More than a decade later he proved the timelessness of his talents by supplying Jay-Z ("Hard Knock Life") and Eminem ("Stan") with two of their signature hits. 
More recent years have seen him returning to his DJ-ing roots, deftly constructing sets of original school break-beats, or ones favoring his own productions with equally regal flavor. For instance:

And he hits the decks here tomorrow night. Bow down to this cool ruler of good grooves!

(RSVP to by 6pm Saturday to be added to the $5 reduced list.)